Chapter Five guides you through the process of
staging each part of your home, now that you've
created more space within it and have gotten it
beautifully clean and in working order.  You'll
learn how to bring the elements of focus, flow,
color, and balance into play in staging your home
to appeal directly to your most likely buyers.

Now that your home is uncluttered, repaired and
cleaned, you're ready for the fun part of staging,
carefully arranging your home for your
prospective buyers.  In this chapter, you'll learn
how to use furnishings, accessories, color and
style to create a home best suited to your
prospective buyers, including:
Generational do's and don'ts for lighting and
window treatments

Generational do's and don'ts for choosing

Generational do's and don'ts for the kitchen,
living, dining room and bedrooms

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Setting the Stage
Excerpt from Chapter Five:  Setting
the Stage
Home Staging that Works  
by Starr Osborne
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