“Good design goes beyond what looks pretty.  
For me, form follows function, and lifestyle,
and setting. What most people think of as
design or decorating, I think of as “staging to

“When staging to live, I analyze my client’s
lifestyle and the property to create a
harmonious and aesthetically exciting space.  
Sure, decorating is a huge part of staging to live,
but it is a means to the end, not an end in
itself.  This is a seemingly small, but crucial,
difference.  Decorating creates a pretty space,
staging creates a pretty space designed to fulfill
the aspirations of the people living in the
space.  Our deference to our client’s lifestyle
and dreams, and the home’s art-historical
context sets us apart.

People respond so favorably to our staging to
sell that they  ask us to decorate their new
homes—to stage to live.  

Today, staging to live composes a healthy third
of my Philadelphia-based company,
Transitions.  We offer comprehensive design
services and love the diversity of the
Philadelphia housing inventory.  Our projects
have included Rittenhouse Square apartments,
Chestnut Hill estates, and new builds on the
Main Line.  

The scope of our design work includes:
Design Services - Stage To Live
Space plans with placement of
furniture, artwork and accessories.

Decorative and fine arts purchases
advise and acquisition

Management of contractors and

Color consultations.

Reupholstery and window treatments.
Custom consultations
Fine Art
Stage to Sell.  Stage to Live.
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