As my reputation has grown beyond the
Philadelphia area, I am periodically asked by
realtors and home owners to advise on luxury
properties all across the country.  I now offer
a bespoke service for these special homes.  

For a fee, I will travel to the property, assess
its staging and remediation needs, create a
staging action plan outlining costs and
benefits, and implement the agreed upon
staging projects.  I personally oversee this
bespoke service designed for the homeowners
of the nation’s most exclusive addresses.

My staging is the most effective and
professional service nation-wide.  All of my
staging projects include:
Staging by Starr
My Book
Marketing of homes to appeal to a target
demographic by staging a look that
matches the prospective buyer’s desire.

Analyzing the home in reference to the
market conditions, target demographics
and the home’s key features.

Utilizing the owner’s or other
appropriate furnishings to highlight the
home’s best attributes.

Executing or recommending appropriate
home improvements.

Staging the home to improve the sale
price as well as reduce the time to
market and days on market.
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