Stage to Live

Every time I speak, I get the question:  what is the difference between   decorating and staging to live.  In many ways they seem like the same thing, I agree.  Both make homes prettier.  The difference, I would say, is the goal.  The goal in decorating is to make a room prettier, to be pleasing to the eye.  The goal of staging is a bit more complex. 

Staging is identifying how the people in the home hope to use the space, how they could use the space more efficiently, effectively, and happily.  Staging identifies how those living in the space aspire to live.  Once identified, we then, and only then, design the space to achieve these goals. 

Now the end product of staging and decorating may look very much the same, but the underpinnings are very different.  I use design to enhance how people live in a space, to help them become more who they want to be.  This holds true for staging to live and staging to sell.  We identify how the client—the buyer or the owner—dreams of living in the home, and I show them how to make it possible.