The Living Room?

“Really? Now really?” as my seven year old says.  Is the “living room”  really a room for living ?

How long has it been since Americans have truly lived in their living rooms?  I would wager a long, long time.  We as a nation, have a brag room, attached to our houses,  which  we rarely use.  These so called living rooms are often the best room in the home architecturally.  And yet, we walk by them, heading straight toward the family room or the kitchen. 

 I would argue that the living room should be as welcoming and comfortable as the family room.  It should show as much about your family as the other rooms.  You don’t need to sacrifice sophistication or formality.  You just need to make sure that it is comfortable to live in.  Try leaving bowl s of nuts and fresh fruit in the room for people to nibble on.   When guests are coming to stay, I leave a tray with sparkling water and lemonade so that they know they can get a drink whenever they  wish .  Make sure the lighting is conducive to reading and for your kids to curl up and do their homework. 

A well functioning home is one in which every room is lived in fully.  It always distresses me when I see these wonderful families owning a huge home and living only in the kitchen and family room.  Why, I wonder, did they leave their starter homes?  I argue that living rooms can be fabulous and showy and livable.  Help me bring life back into the American living room.