Some Bunny Loves You…Not!

We just staged a house with a whole hutch in the breakfast room was devoted to bunny figurines, a year long Easter festival.  The owner’s other holiday decorations apparently come and go, but the bunny’s stick around in some odd kind of holiday favoritism.  Not only does this woman’s poor husband have to look at these saccharine studies everyday as he looks up from his breakfast, anyone entering the house immediately knows that the owners of the house celebrate Easter. My problem with this is that it is too much information about the seller.  I don’t want buyers to know anything about the sellers except that they cared for the property impeccably and have extraordinary taste.  No family pictures, religious, political, or school information should be visible.  You want the buyers to imagine themselves in the space and anything that is not about them reminds them that this is not their house, their dream.