Farrow & Ball

I am sensing a theme emerging here:  perhaps it is Anglophile month.  Farrow & Ball  is a great British brand of paints—they make wallpapers too—that I are now readily available in the United States.  Yes, I know it is more expensive than other paints.  Yes, I love Benjamin Moore colors, especially the HC line where you cannot make a bad choice.   But, boy do I love Farrow & Ball paints.  They are worth the cost.  They go on “like buttah” and once on, they have a depth and interest, I have not seen in other paints.  Why?  They have 30% more pigments than other brands.  F & B is the only manufacturer that makes all the products sold under their name. Unlike other paints, they do not incorporate plastic fillers.  The paints are made with natural ingredients like Linseed Oil and China Clay, and not harmful ingredients such as ammonia and formaldehyde. The company continues to make and check each and every batch of paint itself, not mix it “in store.”  Their edited palette of 132 colors in thirteen finishes has been honed and perfected since 1940, when it was founded by two chemists in Dorset.  Environmentally, they are award winners.  Their VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels are so close to zero that most of their finishes are classified as ‘Zero VOC’ when tested to US Environmental Protection Agency standards. And best of all:  Farrow & Ball paints are pretty.  I got a call yesterday from a client who arrived from his home in St. Louis to see his home in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, freshly painted in Farrow & Ball paints.  The cell phone message said, “I don’t know why I am calling on the weekend, except to tell you that the paint is really, really beautiful.  Thank you.”   I know I sound like an infomercial, but you need to know that Farrow & Ball the smart/casual of the paint world.