The Mystery Parcel

At 5PM today a medium sized box was left by UPS at our door.  About 2 feet long and one foot wide, it wasn’t of a size that said board game, or shoes, or something obvious.  I figured it to be the books that I ordered from Amazon.  Upon closer inspection, I found that it is addressed, not to me, but to a Caroline Carton, and addressed to an address that does not exist but is just two digits off of ours.  Packaged from Target, the shipping manifest stated that it housed one item of one.  There was no other information. What did Caroline buy and why?  Who is Caroline, and what made her want to purchase the mystery thing?  Now I am a shopper.  I have to tell you that it is really hard for me not to open a package, even a package addressed to a fictitious neighbor.  I want to rip it open, in hopes of figuring out Caroline and why she buys.  Why people buy is what a good stager has to understand.  Staging is using material culture:  the things we use and buy, to affect yet another purchase.  So who is Caroline?  Her name really does not give any obvious generational or demographic clues.  What did she buy?  That’s what I want to know.   What do you think  — 2 feet by 1 foot…..