Julie and Julia and Starr

I heard Julie Powell speak the other night at a women’s networking event.  Her blogging which Nora Ephron ultimately made into the hit movie, Julie and Julia, has made her an instant icon for many women.  She was funny, inciteful and irreverent.  What I loved most was her reasons for loving Julia child:  Julia was more sure about how to bone a duck than Julie had been about anything in her life up until that moment.  It was refreshing to see the heads nodding in this room full of high powered women (it was hosted by  a law firm) deep down they seemed to relate the insecurity more than the many obvious successes these women had had in their lives.  Is this good?  I don’t think insecurity has a value. But it is the reality.  It is human, and that, in all our contradications, and successes and bad decisions are what we are.

  1. Laura Coburn’s avatar

    After reading several of your posts I feel the need to say . . .God I love the way you write. In fact, I love everything about you. Having worked with you over the years and having witnessed how everything you touch is better for it, I am ever impressed and blessed. I can’t wait to read your book.

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    Somehow I just read this. Your comment has made my day. Thank you so much! Starr