Home Staging That Works
From the small fixer-upper to the grand
mansion, if you want to sell your home fast
and for more money, you need to stage -
that is, you need to package your home in a
way that emphasizes its strengths, downplays
its weaknesses, and immediately appeals to
prospective buyers.

Remember, that buyers will notice more
about your home in 30 seconds than you've
noticed in two years.  
Home Staging that
gives you a step-by-step,
room-by-room instruction on what to do,
keep, toss, fix, paint, replace, avoid, update,
show, hide, highlight, and more.   Click on
each chapter to see images and summaries:
Home Staging That Works can be used instead
of hiring a professional stager or in
conjunction with Starr's staging services.
Chapter One:  Staging for the Right Audience

Chapter Two:  First Impressions

Chapter Three:  Creating Space  

Chapter Four:  What to Fix and How to Clean

Chapter Five:  Setting the Stage  

Chapter Six:  Presenting Your Home to Buyers
Chapter 5 Image
Chapter 2 Image
Stage to Sell.  Stage to Live.
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