You are here because you are considering
staging.  If you are anything like the
hundreds of clients I have worked with
over the years, you have two questions:
Staging Services
Staging by Starr
Tailored Transitions
Does staging work?
What does it cost?
Yes, staging works.  I can attest to that.  
Just look at the published statistics.

The costs vary according to the services.  
My advise starts at $18.95 by purchasing
my book,
Home Staging That Works.  
Another option is $150 for the starter

My Philadelphia based company
Transitions provides customized staging
services starting with the $450 for the
Speed Stage (for Philadelphia area
properties only) to a one-day staging of a
furnished property starts at $1250.

Nation-wide, I offer
Staging by Starr for
premier properties.  I will fly to your
home, create a staging plan, price the
plans design and remediation needs, and
oversee its execution.  

Whatever your needs, whatever your
means, I have designed a staging product
for you.  Let's start your staging project.
My Book
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